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Class III Info

What is the National Firearms Act (NFA) and what does it cover?


The National Firearms Act of 1934 was the first attempt by the federal government to regulate firearm ownership in the United States. The NFA made it illegal to possess several classes of firearms unless an individual paid a $200 tax on the item. The classes of firearms covered under the NFA are:


  • Machine guns (MG) – these are weapons that fire more than one bullet per pull of a triggering device.


  • Short barrel rifles (SBR) – these are rifles with a barrel length less than 16 inches.


  • Short barrel shotguns (SBS) – more commonly known as “sawed offs”, these shotguns have a barrel length of less than 18 inches and must be smooth bored.


  • Any Other Weapons (AOW) – these are weapons that are not easily type classified, but the government feels are worthy of tracking and taxing. An example would be a “pen gun” or “cane gun.”


  • Silencers – Also known as suppressors, these devices muffle the explosive noise of a gunshot and in many cases make the firearm “hearing safe” as outlined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).


These firearms are also known by other names. They are actually classified as Title II weapons under the Gun Control Act (GCA) of 1968, which further defined and amended the NFA. The GCA added a fifth category:


  • Destructive devices (DD) – these are weapons with a bore diameter greater than .50 caliber and a bore that is rifled. An example would be one of our M203 40mm Grenade Launchers.


These firearms are also known as Class III firearms. This is in reference to Federal Firearms Licensees (FFL)s that possess a Class III Special Occupancy Tax (SOT) to sell NFA items. At Wilshire Gun, Cold Hand Arms and Oklahoma Machine Guns are Class III dealers with every class of item available for sell or transfer.


Who can possess NFA items?

The simplest answer is everyone that can buy a handgun can purchase an NFA item and take possession of it. The longer answer is that you must also live in a state where possession of NFA items is legal. Some states limit some classes or all classes of the weapons. Oklahoma does not limit possession of any category as long as their ownership is in accordance with federal law.


What do I have to do to own an NFA item?

The first step is to find the item you wish to purchase and buy it. Next, your Class III dealer will initiate paperwork to begin the transfer of the item to you. NFA items can presently be owned through two pathways:


  • First, individuals can take possession of the items. This will require your county sheriff to sign off on your forms, the completion of two fingerprint cards, and two passport photos.


  • Second, entities such as businesses and trusts can own the items. In such a case, founding documents for the entities must be submitted with the transfer forms.


After the completion of the paperwork, you will send in a check or money order for $200 to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE).


New Silencer Shop Kiosk

This past July a new federal rule, issued by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE) went into effect.  This rule changed the way entities such as trusts and businesses apply for their National Firearms Act (NFA) items.  Previously, entities simply provided founding documents to show the legal formation of the trust or business and submitted their application along with a $200 tax stamp payment. The BATFE would run the documents and conduct background checks on the named individuals within the entity.


Now, all responsible parties (those that have the ability to procure or sell items or change the structure of the entitity) must be fingerprinted, have passport photos taken, and submit a background check form with each purchase or making of an NFA item.  This is seen as particularly onerous by many people.


Oklahoma Machine Guns/Cold Hand Arms has secured a partnership with Silencer Shop.  Based out of Austin, Silencer Shop is the largest distributor of NFA items in the world.  This partnership allows us to have a Secure Identity Documentation (S.I.D.) Kiosk within our store located here at Wilshire Gun.  This Kiosk allows for the taking of fingerprints.  A companion app for Google and Apple phones allows for the taking of passport photos.


What does this mean for you? First, if you purchase from Silencer Shop through their website and transfer the item through OKMG/CHA there is no cost to use the kiosk.  Simply, bring all the responsible parties or, if you are applying as an individual, just yourself.  We will get your prints and passport photos completed.  Once this is done, your information and trust/business documents will be secured in an off-line server at Silencer Shop.  When prompted, Silencer Shop will print those items on our behalf and initiate all federal paperwork.  You do not have to do anything else.


If you purchase an item from our in-stock inventory, you can also choose to have OKMG/CHA process your paperwork through S.I.D.  If you choose to do this, it will be a $35 fee per transaction.  The process will work the same.  Seamless, easy, one visit to the shop and everything will be submitted.  This partnership is all about ease of use to our customers.


If you have any questions, please stop in to see us at OKMG/CHA.  We look forward to discussing options for NFA ownership with you.  Only together can we grow our passion and preserve our rights.


How long does it take to get possession of my item?


Wait times vary historically based on the number of applications within the system pending with the BATFE. Currently, returns are hovering around 90 days. We will get your completed form mailed back to us and we will call you to come in and pick up item. After this, the item is yours and requires no further paperwork unless traveling across state lines or selling it to someone else.


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