Class 3 Rentals


Oklahoma Machine Guns – Machine Gun Experience


Oklahoma Machine Guns, a Type 10 Federal Firearms Licensee, is proud to offer one of the largest selections of fully automatic machine guns for civilian rental or police department demonstration at the Wilshire Gun Range.  With hundreds of firearms to choose from, we offer everything from the iconic Thompson Machine Gun (“The Tommy Gun”) to the impressive 3,800-round-per-minute M134 Gatling Gun (“The Minigun”)  Due to the heavy regulation on machine guns, this may be your only chance to shoot one of the firearms from your favorite movie, TV show or video game.  Whether you’re a first-time shooter or a skilled firearms veteran, you will have a dedicated Range Safety Officer at your assistance to ensure a safe “Machine Gun Experience.”  Most firearms are available for rent during normal business hours without an appointment.  Birthday parties, corporate events and family excursions all are welcome, and can be complimented with Wilshire Gun Range’s world-class dining and entertainment facilities.  Come in today to check out the firearms for rent, or contact


Some of their most popular rentals are as follows:

Magazine Fed Machine Guns Caliber
HK MP5 9mm
IMI Uzi 9mm
OKMG M4 .40 S&W
1928A1 Thompson “Tommy Gun” .45 ACP
FNH P90 5.7
Russian AK74u 5.45×39mm
FNH Scar-16 5.56x45mm
Colt M4 with M203 40mm Grenade Launcher 5.56x45mm
HK G36C 5.56x45mm
IMI Micro Galil 5.56x45mm
FN F2000 5.56x45mm
Colt M16A1 .223 Remington
AK-47 7.62×39mm
Russian RPD 7.62×39mm
Belt Fed Machine Guns Caliber
FNH M249 Squad Automatic Weapon “SAW” 5.56x45mm
FNH M240B 7.62x51mm
M134 Electric Gatling Gun “minigun” 7.62x51mm
FNH M2HB “Ma Duece” .50 BMG