The Ranges of Wilshire Gun: 


  • State-of-the-art facility with Oklahoma’s longest indoor ranges. The Wilshire Gun 101s are 101 yards long and feature the nation’s first wireless target dispatch/retrieval systems in all 6 lanes.


  • Digital target dispatch/retrieval systems for precise training and practice.


  • Cool in the summer, warm in the winter, our shooting positions are held at a constant 72 degrees year-round with the finest ventilation and filtration systems that money can buy. The only Gunsmoke in Wilshire Gun is on our 22 TVs!


  • Range Safety Officers are on duty to maximize safety in all respects.


  • Every stall is ballistic-rated for maximum safety and comfortably wide and deep, with stall walls to the ceiling.


  • Six 101-yard and six 35-yard lanes are rifle-rated to .50 caliber. Twelve 25-yard lanes are pistol-rated to .45 ACP caliber.

Range & Rental Pricing

25 & 35 yard lanes – $15/hour

2nd – 3rd person – $8/hour

101 yard lanes – $28/hour

2nd – 3rd person – $15/hour



Pistol Pass

$25/hour – Unlimited trade outs on rental firearms, one at a time

Lead Sled Rental


Rifle Zeroing Service*


*Drop off the rifle you need zeroed/sighted in along with the ammo you would like to use.  Our range staff will go over the equipment (optic, mounts, etc.), bore sight the rifle, then zero it on our 100yd range.  Once completed, you will be called to pick it up.  It will come with the target used to zero, along with the ability to shoot three rounds yourself to verify.  Usually takes 3-5 business days.

Range Rules


  • Please be FORWARD of REDLINE and inside stall while shooting your firearm.


  • For the 101 yard range all targets must exceed 35 yards from stall before firing.


  • Rifle only in 101 yard range, no pistols.


  • Must be 10 years of age with a legal guardian to be on the ranges.


  • Firearms may only be loaded & unloaded inside your shooting stall.


  • Only one person inside your shooting stall at a time.


  • Drawing from a HOLSTER requires prior certification from our Safety Officers.


  • Rapid firing of firearms is not allowed.


  • In the event of a MALFUNCTION, place your firearm on your shooting stall bench, facing down range, and contact the nearest Range Safety Officer.


  • “Hand to hand” transfers of firearms to another person are not allowed.


  • If you allow someone else to use your firearm, please make sure to set the firearm on the bench, facing down range, then let the next person pick up the firearm.


  • No tobacco products are permitted, including vaping and smokeless tobacco.


  • No food or drinks are permitted inside the range at any time.


  • No steel case or steel core ammunition permitted. Shotguns must use slug or buckshot only.