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CCW Safe is the legal choice for Carry Okies at Wilshire Gun. We can train you on what to do while carrying, and how to protect yourself during the fight of your life, but our training ends where the legal battle begins. The instructors at Wilshire Gun recommend CCW Safe for all of our students that have their conceal carry. Get protected today at

I obtained my Concealed Carry license a couple of years ago, and immediately searched for a source of legal help and liability insurance.  I did my homework, diligently.  A local company best met my personal criteria, which  included 1) complete coverage, 2) affordability, 3) reliable professionalism, and 4) useful customer service… pretty much in that order.  CCWSafe offers comprehensive coverage, and for a reasonable price… giving it the best cost-to-benefits ratio of all the companies I had researched.  CCWSafe’s professional staff members will impress you.  I trust them.  The “icing” is prompt and helpful customer service, which made enrollment easy, and is likely to provide phenomenally-quick response to any future case of need.  Note:  I am not employed/paid by CCWSafe… I’m simply a very satisfied customer, and I do indeed recommend them to all firearms owners.  - Joe

CCW Safe benefits


About CCW Safe


CCW Safe is a legal service membership plan that was designed for CCW permit/license holders and law enforcement officers, both active and retired. We are not an insurance plan, we are a legal defense service plan. The member pays a flat yearly fee and enters into a legal agreement with the company who is obligated to provide the service listed in the agreement. CCW Safe then takes on the burden of the out-of-pocket expenses associated with defending a self-defense/use of force critical incident (attorney fees, investigator costs, trial expenses and expert witness costs). CCW Safe has been capitalized by investors and has committed assets and reserves. CCW Safe is a privately owned company in a competitive market. CCW Safe has a strong membership base in 50 states.
CCW Safe does not have the conflicts of an insurance product because the company is designed to indemnify the cost of the incident and not the outcome of the trials. It is not a reimbursement package and no money is required to be paid back to the company regardless of the outcome. You are covered in All 50 states, any place you can legally possess a firearm in a life threatening self-defense incident if you are not carrying concealed. If you are carrying concealed you are covered where your permit/license is valid and honored. CCW Safe are industry leaders and we decided to cover ANY use of force our members choose to defend their lives or the life of another in self-defense. CCW Safe coverage is the same for appeals and mistrials at no additional cost to its members.

It Starts With A Call


CCW Safe has a system that is instituted with a call for help that is manned and answered 24/7. This gets you on the phone with an attorney before the police arrive to help you through the most critical point and that is when the smoke clears. CCW Safe will initiate their emergency protocol to get a Critical response team to you and coordinate the official interview with authorities. Incident management is at the very core of the service provided and CCW Safe administrators will respond to every life threatening self defense shooting/use of force incident. Our competitors say they will show up if you request or if in their words, “The stuff hits the fan”. CCW Safe is the only company that makes their response, your defense team and managing your case their first priority. CCW Safe is based in the perfect location for a national response (OKC) but has representatives in other key states across the nation as well. CCW Safe is the only organization who was forward-thinking enough and have the resources to have pre-arranged charter air service contracts so our Critical Response Team will be “wheels up” within 2 hours of notification of an incident by a member. That is unprecedented in this industry. The Critical Response Team is comprised of several important representatives of CCW Safe that will be at your service when the “smoke clears” to include National Trial Counsel, Critical Response Team Manager, CCW Safe Administrator, and a Critical Incident/Grief Counselor. CCW Safe will push their resources and experts to you; not the purchase of Training DVDs, Magazines, or lawyers from one big state.

Your Success Defines Our Future…


The defense you are provided is the utmost important thing in the CCW Safe business model. CCW Safe is not a law firm and unlike its competitors, CCW Safe goes beyond handing you a list of attorneys or thinking you have become an expert in choosing/running a legal team because you know how to pull a trigger. CCW Safe is the only company that has administrators with over ten years of experience managing catastrophic multi-district litigation for large companies and insurance carriers. CCW Safe builds relationships with firms/attorneys (defense panel members) across the nation prior to an incident and has them agree to defense counsel guidelines.


Operating under defense counsel guidelines and having a national client base is very attractive to these firms/attorneys which has our panel growing each day (we rotate the information of some of these firms/attorneys on our website). CCW Safe has set up the defense panel of CCW Safe in much the same way a large company manages it’s litigation and risk. Our defense panel members who are independent attorneys throughout the united states are some of the lawyers that will represent you. We have already vetted and selected the firms that we think will be best for our members to deal with these specialty type issues. Our General Counsel has selected some of the most prestiges law firms in the country that specialize in both civil defense and criminal defense.
CCW Safe will contact criminal defense and administrative attorneys that specialize in representing police in criminal and grand jury matters pursuant to collective bargaining agreements with police unions. CCW Safe has a National Trial Counsel and Regional Trial Counsel program that is triggered when their Critical Response System is activated upon notification of a member being involved in a self defense shooting/use of force incident. It is the responsibility of the National Trial Counsel and Regional Trial Counsel to locate the best available criminal defense trial attorney in that jurisdiction for the member as the Critical Response Team handles the immediate needs of the member following the incident.

Experience is Key


CCW Safe will have the most experienced attorneys in the jurisdiction of the incident handle your case. All contracted CCW Safe civil defense attorneys are members of the prestigious DRI organization. Defense Research Institute (DRI) is the most acclaimed organization of civil defense litigators in the United States. DRI members already have tremendous experience working for institutional clients under set billing and defense counsel guidelines. They are experienced in use of force incident lawsuits as they are the ones who have actual experience representing local, state and federal law enforcement officers in such cases.
CCW Safe was founded by people who have real world experience in police shootings and those who have managed/defended catastrophic injury claims throughout the US in defense of some of our nation’s largest health systems, physician groups, product manufacturers and insurance companies. The founders of CCW Safe wanted to provide to civilians the exact same level of service they enjoyed when represented by attorneys in lawsuits who were retained by their police unions and/or the agencies for whom they worked. This is the reason CCW Safe aggressively partners with law firms who provide immediate critical response to an incident, and manage the litigation to make sure that the lawyers in the firm with the real expertise are actually the ones doing the work.

Cost Savings


CCW Safe is able to provide a cost savings for their members for several reasons. First, the members are required to be licensed concealed weapons carriers. Thus, they have already been vetted by a state licensing agency and have a certain level of proficiency training and testing. From an actuarial standpoint, that makes CCW Safe members more cost effective to cover. Secondly, they provide a volume based discount. Because of their market share, they are able to pass on the savings to their members. That is why they offer law enforcement and military discounts, since the amount of training received by LEO/MIL is greater than that of the average civilian permit holder. The more training means the greater the likelihood that a member will have a self defense shooting that will be quickly cleared by authorities and less likely to result in civil litigation or administrative action.
CCW Safe have industry leaders available on their advisory panel who provide guidance, advice, training videos, industry analysis, legal consultation, etc. Some of the panel members are listed below: Larry Vickers is the leading small arms subject matter expert in the United States and our brand ambassador. Dr. Alexis Artwohl is the leading expert on understanding and coping with self defense shootings. Dustin Merritt is a medically retired Navy Seal who is an outstanding practical and tactical close quarters self defense firearms instructor who regularly trains Fortune 500 companies security in active shooter, home threat analysis and personal protection. CCW Safe has many other advisors with years of experience as homicide detectives and crime scene experts. CCW Safe’s panel is actively involved in imparting their advice gleaned from years of hard earned experience to their members through video testimonials, interviews and training lessons. All of this is part of the value added benefit for our members that we view as a Risk Management program.
CCW Safe understands the importance of this “second fight” which is that of your freedom physically and financially. The founders of CCW Safe designed their service to plug the holes left by the competition which would further devastate the family after the critical incident. That is the cost of defending your actions after you have already survived a vicious attack and become a victim of violence. Litigation is incredibly expensive and the costs can reach extraordinary amounts in a quick period of time. This is why CCW Safe founders chose to cover the defense proceedings (attorneys, investigation and expert witness fees) with no reimbursement required and no caps on coverage. During civil lawsuits Depositions cost money. For a proper defense, every witness, plaintiff, family member, police and EMS and Fire responder will be interviewed and deposed. Court costs, court reporters, legal fees, expert witness fees, consultants, etc. That is why it is so important to have oversight and management of the litigation. These are just a few reasons it is imperative to have CCW Safe in your corner.