Oklahoma Self Defense Act (Carry Certification)


The State-mandated course required before you apply for your Carry Permit. This course is completed within 8 hours and includes 1 hour of range time for mandated shooting proficiency testing and further safe handling skills/shooting practice. State-of-the-art video systems and comfortable seating make Wilshire Gun a great place to complete your course.  If you don’t have a pistol to use, a free rental gun is included in the class upon purchase of ammo. Cost for the one-day course is $70 (Lunch included with the fee). Cost for a two-day course is $60 (No meal included with fee).


Wilshire Gun SDA Refresher Course


This is a non-shooting course we offer to students at all levels of firearms skills that have already completed the SDA course. It is a (3) hour review of the Oklahoma Self Defense Laws for Concealed Carry and Open Carry and any up to date changes in the Oklahoma Firearms Laws as well as a refresher on firearm safety. It will be held in conjunction with regularly scheduled SDA Courses. Cost $25

Wilshire Gun SDA Prep Class

This class is for those first time shooters who are signed up to take the Oklahoma Self Defense Act (SDA) Class and would like added safety and firearms training. This is a 2 hour block of instruction prior to the SDA course designed to help the shooter feel more comfortable and confident about obtaining their SDA. Students will need to bring their firearm and a box of 50 rounds. If a student does not have a gun a rental gun will be provided for them but the student will need to purchase the ammunition at Wilshire Gun. This class will be conducted the Friday prior to any weekend SDA course and the Tuesday prior to any weekday SDA course. Cost $35.